The Right Now Debuts “Nice Boogie” Remix of “Up All Night” By Buscrates x Nice Recs – Up All Night Mixtape

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It’s pretty exciting to see the momentum of a band building in support of a new album– the renewed energy and mission to get the new music out to the fans. One of the hardest working bands around is Chicago’s R&B and Funk powerhouse The Right Now and on the heels of their latest release Starlight they’re already beating the pavement with hit-and-run shows through the Midwest and making appearances on Chicago TV and radio.

For the last album, the band worked with some Chicago remixers which resulted in some of my favorite dance remixes in recent history. Now for Starlight, we have the first remix of the anthemic “Up All Night” by Buscrates and Nice Recs from Pittsburgh Electro Funk group East Liberty Quarters. The remix largely leaves lead singer Stefani Berecz’s vocals intact while providing a subtle bubbling-under synth beat that would sit comfortably in a mix with Eighties divas Chaka and anything Jam and Lewis produced including Janet’s best work.

When I asked Brendan O’Connell about how he got hooked up with these guys he said, “We’ve known Buscrates since 2010 or 2011 when we used to play Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh. We reconnected in Pittsburgh when we played there in March. We’ve all kept up with his remix and production stuff online in the interim. He’s great. Heavy shit!”

Heavy shit indeed. I’ve already spun this track a dozen times. Get it in your ears. If you’re a DJ who’d like to include it in your set, hit the band up at their website.

When I asked him for a list of songs that influenced “Up All Night” O’Connell said, “I’ve been to listening to a fair amount of disco and 70s R&B over the past few years and it directly inspired me to write “Up All Night” (and seek out Buscrates to remix it).  Here’s some tunes I can’t get enough of.

“Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me” by Quincy Jones

“Haven’t You Heard” by Patrice Rushen

“(Funny) Bone” by Chic

“Runaway Love” by Linda Clifford

“You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else” by The Jones Girls

“Hold Tight” by Change

“I’m In Love” by Evelyn Champagne King

“Keep On” D-Train

“Light Up The Night” by The Brothers Johnson

I put together a mixtape of these songs and included the Buscrates remix picking some choice remixes and adding some edits resulting in a shimmering, thumping throwback Disco/Funk mix. Enjoy!


(Free Download) Local Natives Solicit Remixes of 4 Gorilla Manor Tracks

Local Natives posted on their Facebook wall today that they are providing the “stems” of four songs off their new album Gorilla Manor to encourage some remixing. The songs the band is making available are “Camera Talk,” “Who Knows Who Cares,” “Wide Eyes,” and “World News.”  “Stems” are files of individual digital tracks of a multi-track recording which gives you the isolated instruments and vocals of the songs. This is useful for making remixes as you can edit and individually manipulate or replace parts and pieces of a song. To gain the .zip files of the stems you need to provide your name, e-mail address and postal zip code– a tricky way to build their e-mail list…

The band will be making the resulting works done by the remixers available on the stems page so keep an eye on that. The remixes will need to be submitted via e-mail to One idea for the band would be to provide an RSS feed of these remixes as the show up.

Click Here to get the Local Natives Remix Stems

Free Download: Wendy & Lisa – “Sweet Suite (Remixed by King Britt)”

The fine folks in the Wendy & Lisa camp are giving away a remix of my favorite track on the new White Flags of Winter Chimneys album “Sweet Suite.” Done by the Philly DJ/Producer King Britt.

The 9:57 track reimagines the stripped-down, dreamy, slightly melancholy track that I think could have sat alongside tracks on Parade into a downtempo electro number. On the album, “Sweet Suite” has a bit of a reprise of “Balloon” as a way to tie off the album tidily. This remix spends no time in the reprise, but breaks down the main theme in a very different light.

The track was debuted on the 9/4 episode of Girl Bros. Radio at Luxuria Music at which point I found out that the track would be made available, and here it is! According to the e-mail that was sent out today this is part of a White Flags of Winter Chimneys Remix Album they are working on! Very, very cool! (vinyl, please!).

Free Download: “Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix)” by Metric

For a bit last year I was fascinated with MSTRKRFT and all of their remixes. MSTRKRFT is Jesse F. Keeler from Death From Above 1979 and Alex “Al-P” Puodziukas who produced DFA 1979’s You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine.

Some really great remixes came from this pair ahead of their first album The Looks. The Looks, in my opinion didn’t completely live up to the expectations set by their remixes. “Easy Love” was a great single, though. MSTRKRFT’s trademark 808 beats with dirty analog synths and bass guitar funneled through distortion deliver a party in every mix in my opinon. Mixes to look for include their mixes of “Woman” by Wolfmother (you might recognize the original version in Guitar Hero II), “Listen Up” by The Gossip, their brilliant remixes of “Two More Years” by Bloc Party and “Got Love to Kill” by Juliette & the Licks.” I stumbled over their hilarious remix of “Love in this Club” by Usher. They reproduce the piano ending of “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos in it!

The fine folks at RCRD LBL, which is sort of a self-described “network of ad supported online record labels and blogs” have re-served up a MSTRKRFT remix of Toronto indie band Metric’s “Monster Hospital.” The original track, which you can hear served up on their MySpace page is kind of a punky guitar song that sounds a bit like Sonic Youth to me. MSTRKRFT flips the song on it’s side and refocuses on the chorus and even changes the overall tone with a neat stripped-down electric piano and vocals. The rest of the song is nearly a complete re-imagining of the song in a different key.

Worth the download if you want some dancy disco electro.

Click Here to go to the RCRD_LBL “Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT)” page.

Click Here to go to the MSTRKRFT Wikipedia Article that has a complete list of the remixes they’ve done.

You could look here to see if there are MSTRKRFT tracks to download…

Cut Copy Offer Up “Hearts on Fire” Acapella for Remixers

Cut CopyOne of my summer soundtrack albums is Aussie band Cut Copy‘s new album In Ghost Colours. Produced by onetime UNKLE member and DFA Records head Tim Goldsworthy it’s an excellent pastiche of 80’s Synthpop acts drawing from New Order, Human League, and even clubby techno inspiration.

Already the album– which was released in March– has had a number of really great singles and remixes done. Cut Copy announced on their MySpace page that they would like to extend the opportunity to their fans as well, so they’ve provided the vocal acapella to the dancy “Hearts on Fire” track. With it’s four-on-the-floor beat it is a pretty likely mashup candidate, I think. From the blog:

for all you folks who like having fun with these things. Go nuts, but if you want to do anything commercial with it, ask us first, and let us hear it. Who knows? It might even get picked up for official release. Actually – we’re excited to hear all uses, commercial or not, so send them on!

Send all mixes, mashups, muzak, etc. to: or to one of the fine folks at your local Modular office.

Click Here for Cut Copy’s MySpace Page

Click Here for the mp3 of the acapella (Sendspace Link Alert) (The AIFF file is here)