Free Download: “Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT remix)” by Metric

For a bit last year I was fascinated with MSTRKRFT and all of their remixes. MSTRKRFT is Jesse F. Keeler from Death From Above 1979 and Alex “Al-P” Puodziukas who produced DFA 1979’s You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine.

Some really great remixes came from this pair ahead of their first album The Looks. The Looks, in my opinion didn’t completely live up to the expectations set by their remixes. “Easy Love” was a great single, though. MSTRKRFT’s trademark 808 beats with dirty analog synths and bass guitar funneled through distortion deliver a party in every mix in my opinon. Mixes to look for include their mixes of “Woman” by Wolfmother (you might recognize the original version in Guitar Hero II), “Listen Up” by The Gossip, their brilliant remixes of “Two More Years” by Bloc Party and “Got Love to Kill” by Juliette & the Licks.” I stumbled over their hilarious remix of “Love in this Club” by Usher. They reproduce the piano ending of “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos in it!

The fine folks at RCRD LBL, which is sort of a self-described “network of ad supported online record labels and blogs” have re-served up a MSTRKRFT remix of Toronto indie band Metric’s “Monster Hospital.” The original track, which you can hear served up on their MySpace page is kind of a punky guitar song that sounds a bit like Sonic Youth to me. MSTRKRFT flips the song on it’s side and refocuses on the chorus and even changes the overall tone with a neat stripped-down electric piano and vocals. The rest of the song is nearly a complete re-imagining of the song in a different key.

Worth the download if you want some dancy disco electro.

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