Lyrics Born Releases Next Single “Whispers” : Free Download

Barack Obama-BFF Lyrics Born has released the next single from his sophomore solo album Everywhere At Once. “Whispers” –an unexpectedly somber track from the man who brought us such bumpin’ slices of funky pie as “Callin’ Out” and Everywhere‘s first single “I Like It, I Love It”– is a slow, stripped-to-the-bass Isaak Hayes-style track.

“Whispers” was written by LB inspired by hearing the news of the passing of his longtime friend Benjamin “Mack B. Dog” Davis. I wasn’t familiar with B. Dog other than his participation in the Quannum Spectrum project where he provided the inter-song “skits” of a late-night DJ. The song provides the soulful vocals of Codany Holiday aka “C-Holiday.” You might be familiar with C-Holiday from his participation in the controversial Rainydayz Remixes done by AmpLive. Click Here to download this fantastic mix.

Stay tuned for a video of this song as well. The generous folks in the LB camp have granted permission to post “Whispers” for download, but do yourself a favor and buy Everywhere At Once it’s one of the great hip hop albums– LB does a great job of bringing all of his influences to this record.

Click Here to download “Whispers”

Lyrics Born Cancels Fall Tour to Campaign For Obama

Yesterday Lyrics Born announced via his website, MySpace Page and Facebook yesterday that he is canceling the previously announced tour dates for this Fall, that I reported on to focus on assisting with the Presidential campaign for Barack Obama. Lyrics Born posts from his website,

Get up, get into it, get involved.

It’s no secret that the world is in a state of crisis right now. Due to the past 8 years of political blunder, unbridled greed, and international insensitivity, we have created a grab-bag of inexcusable local and global catastrophes.

We have the opportunity to change that this November. Hands-down, I see this as the most important election of my lifetime thus far. For that reason, I have decided to postpone my tour and do what I can to help people focus on the upcoming election and voting for Barack Obama.

I have always been grateful for my supporters who make the effort to come see me, and as much as I love touring, traveling, and performing, this is far more important right now. I apologize if I have caused you any inconvenience and I would humbly ask that whatever you would, or already have spent in money and/or time, please donate to the Obama campaign. On my end, I will be lending my time, talent, and support by playing benefits, and participating in other grass roots events in an effort to ensure his presidency.

Again, as I thank you and express my appreciation for your loyal support through the years, I do not want anything I do to distract people from the importance of voting in the upcoming election. We all need to be focused on change from here on out, and this is how I choose to take aim. Once again, ride with me peoples.


I confirmed with Lyrics Born’s managment that all announced dates have been postponed until next year.

It’s pretty clear that this election is an important one with what seems to be more outpouring of activism than any I’ve seen in my lifetime. Whatever the political affiliation, it’s heartening to hear of the individual sacrifices that people are making to support what they believe in.

Free Download: Lyrics Born – “Make It Good” and other news

Our favorite ‘Yay Area MC has partnered with LG to help promote their new Chocolate 3 phone by recording a “three” themed tune to be used in commercials and available for free from LG’s Chocolate 3 Site.

The site is heavy-Flash content, but once the page loads click to play Lyrics Born, wait for some more bloaty Flash content to load (srsly– sitting using the free wireless at the airport, this is taking minutes to load!), change the category to “Music”, and then you can choose “Download the Tracks” where you can pick free downloads from LB, Goapele, and Bitter:Sweet.

LB mentioned the track in a recent edition of LBTV and he said that he was very happy with it. It is trademark LB, but it does sound a bit like the topic came before the inspiration a bit as he exclaims “Three is my favorite number!” He saves it a bit by giving it a romantic spin– and frankly his enthusiasm is infectious and it’s pretty catchy.

I love the irony of loading this song on my iPhone…

Click Here to get to the LG Chocolate 3 Site

In other LB news, he has been tapped to be the voiceover announcer of a new Cartoon Network franchise on Friday nights called You Are Here. Pretty much a cartoon character himself, I hope that they take advantage of his sense of humor. The first airing is this Friday night, October 3rd.

Update: 10/12/08: Lyrics Born has canceled his Fall tour to help with the campaign for Barack Obama. Click Here to read my article on this.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lyrics Born is kicking off a Fall tour of the U.S. If you’ve been following this blog that long you’ve read the 2006 and 2007 reviews of his stops in Minneapolis at the Foundation. I’m not sure what the deal is with the Foundation in oh-eight, but he is coming to the fantastic Fine Line on November 8th, which is a great venue although my wife isn’t sure it is condusive to the obligatory ass-shaking that occurs with his show. I guess we’ll find out, as we will be returning for a threepeat. With Joyo’s album hitting in January I’m sure we can count on a couple of solo songs!

Elbee, if you’re reading this– what’s up with hitting the Snowy Apple in frigging November the last three years? I’m happy you stop, but it’s pretty cold…

Fall Tour Dates (lifted from MySpace)

Oct 16 2008 8:00P
SF Weekly Show – Ruby Skye San Francisco, California
Oct 27 2008 9:00P
Middle East Downstairs Cambridge, Massachusetts
Oct 28 2008 8:00P
The Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct 29 2008 9:00P
Highline Ballroom New York, New York
Oct 31 2008 8:00P
Rex Theatre Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Nov 1 2008 9:00P
Sonar Baltimore, Maryland
Nov 4 2008 8:00P
Agora Theater Cleveland, Ohio
Nov 5 2008 8:00P
The Eagle Theater Pontiac, Michigan
Nov 7 2008 8:00P
Majestic Theater Madison, Wisconsin
Nov 8 2008 8:00P
Double Door Chicago, Illinois
Nov 9 2008 8:00P
Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis, Minnesota

Click Here for Lyrics Born’s MySpace Page

Click Here for Lyrics Born’s Official Page

Click Here for Lyrics Born’s Blog

A Taste of Everywhere At Once— Lyrics Born’s New Single “I Like It, I Love It”

Can you feel it? Even through the massively cold weather the prospect of a new Lyrics Born album turns my mind to Spring and Summer. Monday night Lyrics Born’s first single from his new album Everywhere At Once out April 22nd on his new home Anti- was debuted on Bay radio station Live105.

The song “I Like It, I Love It” is an instant trunk-thumping classic. 80’s style analog synths, and 808 claps and popping distorted bass guitars drive a great dance groove and a chorus that sticks in your head. “Every time that I get up on the microphone I’ve gotta dedicate a rhyme to you, girl…” The girl, of course is his wife Joyo and he certainly does! Her new album Love and Understanding is in the can at long last and ready for its release due on Quannum this summer. That should guarantee an amazing tour headlining together!

The digital single will be released on iTunes and Amazon on February 19th. For now, you can listen to the song on Lyrics Born’s MySpace page player and on his website at

I’m pretty excited about this song and album– I feel like it is going to blow up!

Go listen to it here:

Lyrics Born’s website (it’s the nifty cassette in the middle of the page. Requires Flash)

Lyrics Born’s MySpace page while you’re there you can see I’m credited with a picture from the last tour!