Lyrics Born Cancels Fall Tour to Campaign For Obama

Yesterday Lyrics Born announced via his website, MySpace Page and Facebook yesterday that he is canceling the previously announced tour dates for this Fall, that I reported on to focus on assisting with the Presidential campaign for Barack Obama. Lyrics Born posts from his website,

Get up, get into it, get involved.

It’s no secret that the world is in a state of crisis right now. Due to the past 8 years of political blunder, unbridled greed, and international insensitivity, we have created a grab-bag of inexcusable local and global catastrophes.

We have the opportunity to change that this November. Hands-down, I see this as the most important election of my lifetime thus far. For that reason, I have decided to postpone my tour and do what I can to help people focus on the upcoming election and voting for Barack Obama.

I have always been grateful for my supporters who make the effort to come see me, and as much as I love touring, traveling, and performing, this is far more important right now. I apologize if I have caused you any inconvenience and I would humbly ask that whatever you would, or already have spent in money and/or time, please donate to the Obama campaign. On my end, I will be lending my time, talent, and support by playing benefits, and participating in other grass roots events in an effort to ensure his presidency.

Again, as I thank you and express my appreciation for your loyal support through the years, I do not want anything I do to distract people from the importance of voting in the upcoming election. We all need to be focused on change from here on out, and this is how I choose to take aim. Once again, ride with me peoples.


I confirmed with Lyrics Born’s managment that all announced dates have been postponed until next year.

It’s pretty clear that this election is an important one with what seems to be more outpouring of activism than any I’ve seen in my lifetime. Whatever the political affiliation, it’s heartening to hear of the individual sacrifices that people are making to support what they believe in.