(Upcoming Show) Lindsey Buckingham at The Englert in Iowa City Sunday, 9/2/2012

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lindsey Buckingham is having the time of his life.

At the time of his sixth solo album The Seeds We Sow in 2011, Lindsey Buckingham is able to frame his life as a musician and family man in the context of his journey thus far. He attributes his peace to two things. The first is his personal life, “To finally meet someone and to have the family thing happen, that’s been a real gift,” he says. The other is musical. “If there is a level of contentedness that I’ve arrived at, part of it is because I think in the last three or four years what I experienced during the solo albums and then what I experienced on the last Fleetwood Mac tour I felt like I had come to a point where there was so much foundation that I had built for myself making incremental steps forward as a musician and as an artist.”

Certainly, the last few years have been very productive for Buckingham, starting with an out-of-the-blue solo album in 2006, a derailed follow up that morphed into a new studio album for a re-ignited Fleetwood Mac, a re-imagining of the derailed follow up in 2008, a live album and then The Seeds We Sow in 2011.

The Seeds We Sow represents Buckingham taking full control over his career handling all of the recording, production and also releasing himself. The album is a very up-close-and-personal perspective of Buckingham at times sounding like a really well-produced home demo, which I suppose it really is.

I consider Lindsey Buckingham to be a personal musical hero. His distinct sound and contribution to the canon of rock music with his solo work as well as his years in Fleetwood Mac have impacted me at a level that might be chromosomal. I started listening to music on my own around the time of Rumours and his music has been with me ever since. I have been fortunate to see him with the Mighty Mac three times in my life but never solo, so the news that he will be performing at the wonderful Englert Theatre in Iowa City on Labor Day Weekend is exciting news! He will be performing at 8PM on Sunday, September 2rd.

The presale for the show started on Tuesday for Friends of the Englert, and general sale for the show starts on Friday,  June 22nd at 1PM. Tickets are $55 for Tier One Tickets and $45 for Tier Two.

Click Here for more information about Lindsey Buckingham at The Englert in Iowa City, including how to order tickets.

Click Here to find out about how you can be a Friend of the Englert and get in on great pre-sale deals and other perks.


Fleetwood Mac to Fly in 2009 Without Crow

Right on the heels of Lindsey Buckingham’s announcement of his new solo album due in September we get the announcement that while Fleetwood Mac will tour in early 2009, they will do it without Sheryl Crow as previously and extensively reported.

In Billboard today Lindsey was quoted saying that the reports of Sheryl Crow as a member of Fleetwood Mac “kinda got out of hand.” There were original discussions with Crow, but the group decided that although they had previously felt there was “too much testosterone on the stage” during their last tour in 2003, the most appropriate direction was to focus as the core foursome.

The plans are to tour after rehearsals in January as a means to warm up to working in the studio– “maybe even sowing some seeds musically that would get us more prepared to go in the studio rather than just going in cold,” said Buckingham.

I saw Fleetwood Mac in 2003 in Madison, WI during the Say You Will tour and was very impressed with how the band carried the live show without Christine McVie. I will certainly be seeing them in 2009.

Buckingham’s Gift of Screws to Deliver in September

Gift of ScrewsThe “more rock” follow-up to Lindsey Buckingham’s 2006 Under the Skin was announced today. Given the title of the aborted solo album Gift of Screws which was supposed to be released before the last Fleetwood Mac album Say You Will to which it donated five tracks. The original Gift of Screws donated three tracks to Under the Skin. The new Gift of Screws only shares its title track with the original version, but two songs were reworked. “Shuffle Riff” became “Wait For You” and “Twist of Fate” became “The Right Place to Fade.”

So, what we have now according to a news item from Billboard today is a mostly new Gift of Screws to be released September 16th on Reprise that also has the rhythm section of McVie and Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac on a number of songs.

The new track listing for Gift of Screws:

“Great Day”
“Time Precious Time”
“Did You Miss Me”
“Wait For You”
“Love Runs Deeper”
“Bel Air Rain”
“The Right Place to Fade”
“Gift of Screws”

Click here for my 2006 article comparing the aborted version of Gift of Screws to Under the Skin.

The plan is for Buckingham to tour in support of Screws this Fall and for a possibly-augmented Fleetwood Mac to tour in early-’09.

Visit lindseybuckingham.com to see the list of tour dates.

Lindsey Buckingham News – New Album and Tour

Lindsey Buckingham’s website is streaming a preview of five tracks from his new album Under The Skin which is first his official solo album since 1992’s Out of the Cradle due out October 3rd. Here is the tracklisting for Under The Skin:

1. Not Too Late

2. Show You How

3. Under The Skin

4. I Am Waiting

5. It Was You

6. Try For The Sun

7. Cast Away Dreams

8. Shut Us Down

9. Down on Rodeo

10. Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind

11. Juniper

Under the Skin includes three tracks from Gift of Screws that Lindsey aborted in favor of Fleetwood Mac’s 2003 album Say You Will. Say You Will also benefited from his work in turn by getting a number of tracks from Gift of Screws. Under the Skin also includes the track “Shut Us Down” which was used in the soundtrack to the movie Elizabethtown. If you have heard the Gift of Screws tracks, then there are really only four new songs, here. Not that I’m complaining, however. I welcome any new release from Lindsey whether it is solo or as Fleetwood Mac.

At one point there was a leaked copy of what was purported to be the final version of Gift of Screws out on the Internet. This was a lossless copy of the CD that evidently was submitted to the label. Here is the tracklist with my annotation of where each song was released:

1. Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind (Under the Skin)

2. Miranda (Say You Will)

3. Steal Your Heart Away (Best Buy presents Fleetwood Mac Tour ’97 2 CD set you could get with a coupon during the Dance Tour)

4. Red Rover (Say You Will)

5. She Smiled Sweetly (unreleased)

6. Come (Say You Will)

7. Down On Rodeo (Under The Skin)

8. Gotta Get Away (unreleased)

9. Try For The Sun (Under The Skin)

10. Shuffle Riff (updated 11/8/08: becomes “Wait For you” on 2008 Gift of Screws)

11. Murrow (Say You Will)

12. Gift of Screws (updated 11/8/08: Title track on 2008 Gift of Screws)

13. Bleed To Love Her (The Dance as a live track)

14. Twist of Fate (updated 11/8/08: Becomes “The Right Place to Fade” on 2008 Gift of Screws)

15. Go Insane (this was a live version of the song from Go Insane)

16. Say Goodbye (Say You Will)

17. The Singer Not The Song (unreleased)

The songs that aren’t released, yet are really good ones. I’d be interested to see if he will use them as b-sides or bonus tracks in the future.

He has also announced tour dates starting in October. If you pre-order his CD from Ticketmaster you can get pre-sale tickets for upcoming shows, which might be worth doing.

10/06/06 8:30PM Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
10/07/06 8:00PM Ryman Auditorium – Nashville, TN
10/09/06 8:30PM State Theatre – Falls Church, VA
10/10/06 8:00PM Town Hall – New York, NY
10/13/06 7:30PM Orpheum Theatre – Boston – Boston, MA
10/14/06 9:00PM Foxwoods Casino – Mashantucket, CT
10/15/06 9:00PM The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa Event Center – Atlantic City, NJ
10/17/06 8:00PM The Pabst Theater – Milwaukee, WI
10/20/06 TBA Lakewood Civic Auditorium – Lakewood, OH
10/22/06 TBA Emerald Theatre – Mt. Clemens, MI
10/24/06 7:30PM Park West – Chicago, IL
11/01/06 8:00AM Celebrity Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
11/02/06 8:00PM Viejas Casino – Alpine, CA
11/03/06 8:00PM The Grove of Anaheim – Anaheim, CA
11/06/06 8:00PM Palace of Fine Arts – San Francisco, CA
11/10/06 TBA The Wiltern LG – Los Angeles, CA

Lindsey has a myspace page, too.