Hosted Live Download: Tortoise & Lambchop; July 21, 2004

Here is another fantastic live download from our friends at The Owl & The Bear. When this show showed up on the torrents in 2004 I downloaded it for the Tortoise part but it was the Lambchop show that really turned me on to Kurt Wagner and Lambchop. Lambchop with the DAFO String Quartet is the perfect way to listen to these songs. Simply Breathtaking.

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Another Free EP from Adult Swim!

As reported in Pitchfork earlier this month, Adult Swim has partnered with the Chicago label Chocolate Industries to provide a 6-track EP via the Adult Swim Site. The EP, titled Chocolate Swim (gross!), as you might expect, includes tracks from Chocolate Industries roster including the buzzworthy teen Lady Sovereign, Ghislain Poirier and Diverse along with Adult Swim vet MF Doom, and Mos Def!

Go Get It! 

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