(Upcoming Release) Umphrey’s McGee Launches Death by Stereo – Cover Art, move to ATO Records

Very soon on the heels of their self-released 2 LP and digital-only release of 2010 Hall of Fame that I reported on previously, Umphrey’s McGee announced their new studio album! To be titled Death By Stereo, it will be released on September 13th.

Death By Stereo marks the first release by the band since their move to ATO Records— home of Dawes, My Morning Jacket and Drive-By Truckers. While no explicit reason is given for the move from long-time home SCIFidelity, it is my opinion that this move will probably give the band some resources not available to them on SCIFidelity as far as distribution and promotion, if not visibility.

The press-release which came out earlier this week, says that Death By Stereo is a “lethal musical gumbo” which pretty well describes the genre-crunching band. The tracks mentioned in the article include “Wellwishers” which was originally going to be part of a digital EP series and was freely downloadable as an mp3 in exchange for an e-mail address via TopSpin (who was also the method for selling Hall of Fame) and also downloadable via umlive (my article here). Also mentioned are “Conduit” and “Booth Love” which both have been performed in concert (links to archive.org). “Conduit” was also included in the Summer 2011 free sampler provided by the band. Two tracks we haven’t formally heard as of this writing are “Miami Virtue” described as a psychedelic blend of Pink Floyd and Phoenix, and “Black Keys-style blues” track “Domino Theory.”

With the amazing pre-sale madness surrounding Mantis with its massive amount of free downloads, I’m sure we’ll get something just as cool with this release. Since they are on ATO, I’m hoping that the vinyl release will be 2 LP’s of 45 RPM 180g vinyl, just like Dawes has done for their two LPs. The band is already soliciting opinions about whether to include a CD or just download codes, so they are maintaining their practice of keeping their finger on the pulse of the fans.

Stay tuned for more details as they arrive!

Unplugged Musings has an article with some speculation on additional songs that could make Death By Stereo with video clips.

Umphrey’s McGee Mantis Cover Art, Track List and another “leaked” track

The UM camp released some more information about Mantis recently including a large version of the album artwork, the track listing, another track from the radio promo and some nifty wallpapers. From The Floor blog, we get the radio edit of “Spires” as well. Notably, the “Made to Measure” that the band made available to everyone who signed up for a UMLive account is the full version of the track at 3:12. If you want to hear “Preamble” it is the first song played in the player on the Mantis mini-site.

Here is the tracklisting for Mantis:

1. Made to Measure 3:12

2. Preamble 0:36

3. Mantis 11:49

4. Cemetery Walk 7:30

5. Cemetery Walk II 2:19

6. Turn & Run 7:25

7. Spires 7:41

8. Prophecy Now 2:47

9. Red Tape 5:43

10. 1348 4:49

Total Running Time : 54:04

In case anyone was worried that Mantis was going to be some exploration in radio-friendly pop music based on “Made to Measure,” check out the track times. There are four songs over seven minutes, and one song clocks in at 11:49! So, while this may be an album representing a change in the band, they aren’t eschewing extended workouts from their catalog.

Click Here to Download the Radio Edit of “Spires”

Click Here to go to the Mantis mini-site and pre-order the album, and download some nifty wallpapers.

New Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: Cardinology Live Previews

On the 17th it was announced by Lost Highway that Ryan Adams and the Cardinals will be releasing a new album on October 28th titled Cardinology. As expected, Ryan and Co. are already pulling the songs out on their Fall tour. Yours truly will be seeing Ryan again this year and shooting pix for a review at the Ames show on October 7th. The songs I’ve heard so far are pretty good and certainly on par with Easy Tiger. Since Archive.org has a pretty good collection of Ryan shows, I thought I’d provide links to individual mp3’s so you can listen to a live version of the album before its release. All of the tracks from the album aren’t represented by shows on archive.org, yet, but as shows are recorded and shared there, I’ll update the links here until the release of the album.

BTW: We are going to be able to download “Fix It” on Tuesday. I’m not sure which sites, yet, but I’ll update this when I find out. According to some folks on the ryanadamsarchive.com forum, “Fix It” was released to radio today. The single will be available for download on October 7th.

Update: Ryan is providing a streamed sample of “Fix It” from his blog site:

Check out the beautiful cover art for the vinyl version of Cardinology by Adam’s chum Leah Hayes— author of the graphic novel Funeral of the Heart. According to a poster-in-the-know on the ryanadamsarchive forum this limited vinyl release will have colored vinyl, artwork by Leah Hayes including illustrated lyric book and the exclusive 7″ of “Orange” b/w “Asteroid” and will also include an mp3 download! I’ll have to try to score some record flats of this!!

Click here to read the post and to play the sample (requires Flash)

Here is the track list for Cardinology:

“Born Into a Light” (10-16-2008)
“Go Easy” (9-26-2008)
“Fix It” (9-4-2008)(9-7-2008)(9-25-2008)(9-26-2008)
“Magick” (9-4-2008)(9-7-2008)(9-25-2008)(9-26-2008)
“Cobwebs” (9-7-2008)(9-25-2008)
“Let Us Down Easy”
“Crossed Out Name” (9-4-2008)(9-25-2008)(9-26-2008)
“Natural Ghost” (9-25-2008)
“Sink Ships” (9-7-2008)(9-25-2008)
“Evergreen” (9-30-2008)
“Like Yesterday” (9-25-2008)
“Stop” (10-16-2008)