New Arbouretum Album Song of the Pearl Due 3/10/09

Yesterday via the Arbouretum blog Dave Heumann announced that the next Arbouretum album to be titled Song of the Pearl is recorded and will be released 3/10/2009 Although it doesn’t say, it will likely be released on Thrill Jockey as 2007’s brilliant Rites of Uncovering and the 2008 split LP with labelmates Pontiak Kale was.

In a recent e-mail with Dave, he said that he’d be touring through the Midwest in Spring ’09, so I’m hoping he ends up close to me. I’m sure he’ll play Chicago, but a stop in Madison or Iowa would be welcomed.

Here is the tracklist:

1. False Spring
2. Another Hiding Place
3. Down by the Fall Line
4. Song of the Pearl
5. Thin Dominion
6. Infinite Corridors
7. The Midnight Cry
8. Tomorrow is a Long Time

I’ll post more information as I get details on this release.

Here is a recent show from Arbouretum from November 7th in Baltimore at the Talking Head taped by none other than the Baltimore Taper. Other than “Flood of Floods” from Kale, these song are from Song of the Pearl so you can get a listen here first!

Free Downloads: Some Baltimore-related Live Downloads

As I mentioned earlier, Baltimore’s Arbouretum is releasing a split album with new Thrill Jockey signees Pontiak called Kale. The two bands played one show together in Baltimore on June 4th at The Talking Head. I knew about the show, but I didn’t know that the show was taped and available for download via Aural States which is a blog/site dedicated to happenings in the music scene of Baltimore.

Arbouretum headlined and played a set of mostly tracks from Rites, but also included one of the covers from Kale “Buffalo Ballet.” A great set, in my opinion.” Pontiak’s set was also very good and included “Dome Under Sky” from Kale.

The opening act was another side project of Dave Heumann from Arbouretum called Television Hill. Television Hill is more of a throwback folk/blues outfit, but still very good. This set is available from Beatbots which also covers the Baltimore scene.

Big thanks to Jeff the Taper who made these recordings available.

Click Here to stream or download Arbouretum’s set.

Click Here to stream or download Pontiak’s set.

Click Here to stream or download Television Hill’s set.

Aural States is also hosting a live set from Wye Oak from March along with an interview. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to catch the show next weekend with Pontiak and Wye Oak in Iowa City!