Free mp3 Album Download Booming Lo-Fi Trash From Jack Logan

Booming Lo-fi TrashAlthough Jack Logan is taking a break from recording things for a while he’s managed to tide his fans over by providing two mp3 albums. The first one I reported on earlier this month was a live chestnut from his days in Liquor Cabinet. This week he provides us with an album of 4-track recordings he made “earlier this year” in his words titled whimsically enough Booming Lo-Fi Trash. While Randy Jackson might accuse Jack of being “pitchy”, Booming is 14 tracks of pure Lo-Fi Jack action, some tracks introspective, some tracks telling stories of the human condition with a dash of humor.

The cover art is classic Jack automobilia– Fifties custom with cheater slicks and tuck and roll decorated with a busty redhead perched on a valve cover of the V8.

Recommended if you like: Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Mopar or racing for pinks.

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