New Album from Jack Logan Brings Lost Session with The Roach Brothers – Out 2/5

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The Roach Brothers aka Terry and Jamie Rouch have been part of the Jack Logan extended musical family for a long time, showing up on most of the releases that Jack has put out dating back to the monolithic and epic Bulk. Terry was a member of Jack’s band Liquor Cabinet and Jamie would drop some drums here and there and if the recordings happened at Big As A Barn Studios in Indiana, it was Jamie on the board. Jamie tragically passed in 2008, succumbing to ALS.

A couple of years ago while Jack was digging through a box of CDs, he found one labeled “Roach Bros. Inst.” which turned out to be backing tracks recorded in the 90’s intended for Jack’s vocals but never completed. Jack loaded them up on his trusty 4-track and laid some vocals on them. Satisfied with the results, he sent them over to Terry Rouch and posted a couple of tracks on his old website. Terry wanted to do a release of these songs as a tribute to his fallen brother. With some help from Matt Swisher of Failure Records and Tapes, he was able to do a small run of vinyl! In November, Jack announced the release on his new blog.

On Thursday, Jack announced from his blog that the vinyl is ready, and Failure is taking pre-orders for the vinyl due out February 5th and humorously titled What Is This.. Some Kind of Joke?, which is a limited-edition run of 300 multi-colored LPs. The first 50 orders will get Jack Logan buttons and stickers! The LP is $17 + shipping comes with a free digital download. You can also get the album as a digital download for $10 from Bandcamp.

What Is This… Some Kind of Joke? is a bit of departure from Logan’s last album, which was a collaboration with Scott Baxendale and members of The Drive-By Truckers titled Bones in the Desert. That album was closer to some of the label releases in that it was structured rock tunes with a focus on guitars. I think Bones is a good pairing with Mood Elevator. This new album is a lot more Lo-Fi experimental– a lot like some of the more outsider tracks on Bulk. You can check out the new album using the Bandcamp player below.

CLICK HERE to order the LP

CLICK HERE to order the digital download.

Visit the Jack Logan-Scott Baxendale Facebook Page to hear the tracks from the oft-overlooked Bones in the Desert. You can order it HERE.

Free mp3 Album Download Booming Lo-Fi Trash From Jack Logan

Booming Lo-fi TrashAlthough Jack Logan is taking a break from recording things for a while he’s managed to tide his fans over by providing two mp3 albums. The first one I reported on earlier this month was a live chestnut from his days in Liquor Cabinet. This week he provides us with an album of 4-track recordings he made “earlier this year” in his words titled whimsically enough Booming Lo-Fi Trash. While Randy Jackson might accuse Jack of being “pitchy”, Booming is 14 tracks of pure Lo-Fi Jack action, some tracks introspective, some tracks telling stories of the human condition with a dash of humor.

The cover art is classic Jack automobilia– Fifties custom with cheater slicks and tuck and roll decorated with a busty redhead perched on a valve cover of the V8.

Recommended if you like: Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Mopar or racing for pinks.

Click Here to Download Booming Lo-Fi Trash from Sendspace

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