B-Sides in the Bin #45 – Half-Price Books, Cedar Rapids 1/11/09

Sherry wanted to make a stop at GNC to pick up some gluten-free food, so I took the opportunity to visit Half-Price Books. The last time I stopped in the vinyl was very picked over from the Christmas rush and the following sales. This time the vinyl was starting to get replenished and I found some pretty nice vinyl in there. I only picked up a couple of records this trip– both of them on my “list” to buy. There was a disappointingly large amount of BMG/Columbia House pressings in the bins. I tend to stay away from these on vinyl because I’m not sure how the mastering happened. If I had to guess, they get a set of tapes from the non BMG labels (Warner Brothers, for example) and they made their mastering copies from that. So, the pressings shouldn’t be much different than the original label release, but I don’t know that for a fact. There was a pristine copy of Caught Live + 5 by the Moody Blues that was a Columbia House pressing. I would love to have this on vinyl, but I’m willing to wait until I get an actual Threshold Records release.

Rumours – Fleetwood Mac (LP, Warner Bros. Records BSK-3010, 1977 ) ($2.99) What is there really to say about this album that hasn’t been said? I grew up with this album and have owned many copies of it in various forms. I heard this first on 8-track which would later be replaced by cassette. When I bought my first CD player in the late 80’s Rumours was one of the first CD’s I bought. That copy stayed with the family when I moved out, and I bought other copies on CD over the years that were lost in relationship breakups. How’s that for irony? The album that was created during relationship turmoil represents the CD I lost in relationship breakups. This is my first vinyl version. Most copies in the bins are played to death and the covers tend to be shot. This one has a great cover– has an orange-peel texture to it. It has “mastered by Capitol” stamped in the dead wax, so it likely isn’t a first pressing. Although I don’t mind the addition of “Silver Springs” to the later CD versions of this album, there is a certain comfort to the original track sequence. According to Wikipedia, the RIAA certified Rumours 19 times platnum! As of 2007 it has sold over 40 Million copies! Some of this is related to the re-releases as people “upgrade.” Considering that I’ve probably owned five copies of this in my life…

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen (LP, Columbia JC 33795. 1975) ($5.99) This is one of the better copies I’ve seen of this in my travails. Arguably Springsteen’s meisterwerk. Another album that I feel pretty much everything that can be said has been. The box set I picked up at HPB prior to this with its documentary renewed my appreciation of this album. I still prefer Darkness on the Edge of Town and The River over this release, but no Springsteen collection should be without this. Gorgeous gatefold and iconic red Columbia Records label. ’nuff said.