Free Download: Nellie McKay at Daytrotter

I had seen this show tipped since I follow the flickr feed from Daytrotter and there was a picture of her in the studio, which is generally how Johnnie does her characterizations of the acts that flow through the studio in Rock Island. So, it is with certain glee that I’m reporting that Daytrotter has posted her session. According to the date on that picture, she did her session on April 4th, 2008. I saw Nellie in Minneapolis at the Dakota Bar with my wife and super-fan daughter RaeEllen on April 6th– so she recorded this in Rock Island and hightailed it to Minnesota, apparently.

Nellie recorded a generous NINE tracks for this session as opposed to the four or five we usually get. The cool thing about this session is it is pretty much exactly like the show I saw and a very good representation of her live show. You get some piano tunes, some ukelele songs, some political humor and show tunes. What more would you want, really?

Click Here to visit the Daytrotter page for Nellie