New Video from Backyard Tire Fire

The boys from Bloomington, IL have a new video for the rockin’ “How In The Hell Did You Get Back Here?” from their new release The Places We Lived. The video, directed by Filipe Bessa, is shot in Bloomington and captures locals at their various jobs which draws a comparison to the band embracing their music as their job and craft. Bessa explains, “The local musician has a lot more in common with the local mechanic than we tend to imagine. Ideally, they both represent what makes up the American landscape as we know it. The joy and the sadness of work are present in both, and that’s a powerful correlation.” Being a Midwesterner myself, the video provides very familiar scenes which is so rare in popular music videos today. I can relate more to some honest grease under the nails than I can the typical ‘sturm and bling’ in today’s typical video.

Kick back with a PBR and enjoy