Overheard on TV : Tina Dico “No Time To Sleep” on Grey’s Anatomy

One thing that has improved with time and technology is my ability to research songs in real-time. As annoying as it might be for my wife, I can generally bust out whatever smartphone device I have and do a quick google search. Since I got the iPhone 3G, this has improved dramatically. I can still craft a decent search– usually involving lyrics from the song and the word “lyrics” and the results come back with what I’m looking for. With the iPhone I also have the killer app “Shazam” which allows my phone to sample an overheard song and search using a digital signature to determine what the song is.

Last night during Grey’s Anatomy (episode title “Dream A Little Dream of Me pt 2” there was a song played during the middle of the show– during the surgery “rescue” and the montage I think– with the repeated lyrics “ain’t no time to go to sleep” which google informed me was “No Time To Sleep” by Tina Dico.

Dico had been featured on Grey’s earlier with her song “One” off of her 2005 album Red during Season 2. Confusingly, Tina Dico goes by her given name Tina Dickow in her home country of Denmark and apparently in other areas of Europe, but uses “Dico” for the U.S. “No Time To Sleep” is the lead track from her 3 EP box set called A Beginning, A Detour, An Open Ending which has been released in Europe already on Sony as “Tina Dickow”, but will be released in the US on January 9th on Defend Music. These three EP’s had previously been available for sale at her live shows.

It is a pretty great song and I especially love how she bends the pronounciation during the “Ain’t no time to go to sleep” lyric. Her MySpace page has tracks from the new release, including “No Time To Sleep.”

Here is a cool performance of “No Time To Sleep” from a Danish TV show on YouTube: