Umphrey’s McGee Gives Back for NIU Memorial Fund and Free Show Download

As reported by their Facebook page and their website, Umphrey’s McGee–upon hearing of the tragedy that was the shootings at NIU in DeKalb, IL on February 14th decided to give back to the town that had been good to them over the years. All sales from UMLive, Umphrey’s McGee’s online store for live show downloads, poster sales and ticket sales on April 8th were donated to the NIU February 14th Memorial Fund. In an additional act of giving, Umphrey’s posted a fantastic-sounding matrix recording to of their April 8th show at the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb that day. Mixed by sound man/band archivist Kevin Browning, the show includes one of the new songs added to their set “Rocker Part 2” as well as some fun teases. Certainly a great gesture on the band’s part. The recording is available in FLAC as well as OGG and VBR MP3. I’ve been listening to it on and off since I downloaded it, but it is a good show and a good picture of UM Live.

Umphrey’s McGee Live at the Egyptian Theatre at