Free Downloads: Calexico Secret Show in Berlin 9/6/08 (FLAC)

I never cease to be amazed at how quickly great free downloads are available on the Internet. This morning at 9:46AM GMT a BitTorrent for a live broadcast from BBC 1 of a show Calexico did YESTERDAY showed up on Dimeadozen! This was a “secret show” that was performed by Calexico as a quartet in Berlin in a small venue. The broadcast part of the show was all new songs and mostly tracks from Carried to Dust which comes out on Tuesday.

To download the FLAC files using your favorite torrent client, click here (requires account on dimeadozen)

Ballhaus Ost, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

01 [00:28] [starting a new chapter…]
02 [04:38] Frank’s Tavern
03 [05:14] Victor Jara’s Hands
04 [04:55] Man Made Lake
05 [03:28] [slowness prelude] >
06 [05:29] Slowness
07 [04:32] Two Silver Trees
08 [04:14] Above The Branch >
09 [03:42] The News About William
10 [04:39] Writer’s Minor Holiday
11 [05:35] [unidentified title]
12 [06:25] Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
13 [03:36] Red Blooms

The lineup was:
Joey Burns: guitars, vocals
John Convertino: drums
Martin Wenck: trumpet, harmonica, vibraphone, whistling
Paul Niehaus: pedal steel guitar, electric guitar