R.I.P. Cedar Rapids CD Warehouse…

RIP CD WarehouseYesterday, I was out and about and thought I’d stop into CD Warehouse to see if they were going to get the new Ryan Adams EP Follow The Lights on Tuesday. Imagine my surprise to see a sign in the window stating they were closed!

I guess I hadn’t been in there for a while so I didn’t know about the closing. I had been following the posts from their MySpace page, but they had been quiet for a while.

I shot an e-mail off to John Fisher to see what happened and he said that he left on October 3rd, and that the owners let it close last week. The remaining inventory (of which there wasn’t much good left) went to a guy who runs some CD Warehouses in Des Moines for “peanuts” in John’s words.

John has landed on his feet with a tech company here in Cedar Rapids and promises to keep in touch. Best wishes to who was likely the last cool record store person in Cedar Rapids! Let’s all watch High Fidelity in his honor!

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  1. Thanks for the obit Mike! I’ve been doing this off and on since high school ended 18 years ago. I’ve run four different area stores and there’s been virtually no growth (but a lot of change) in the music retail industry for that entire 18 years!…but there’s been a hell of a lot of good times.


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