WXPN News – Y100 is Back (sort of)!

I was in Philly again this week for work. While I was there I listened to one of my favorite stations in the US, WXPN. A public radio station, they have the flexibilty to play whatever they want. It isn’t uncommon to hear everything from Jamband to Classic Rock to Alternative and Indie, which makes for an entertaining listen. WXPN announced this week that they are going to start two new features of the radio station in August. First, they are going to launch a partner website called XPoNential Music On Demand. This site will be a place to get all of the content from the libraries of WXPN including all of the World Cafe shows and lunchtime concerts– all on demand. This is meant to supplement the podcast content they have today.

As if that isn’t enough, XPN will add Y100Rocks.com’s programming and overall operations rebranding it as “Y-Rock on WXPN.” Y100/WPLY was Philadelphia’s Alternative Rock-format station until February 2005. It ceased operations after 12 years. Y100Rocks.com was started after the stations demise and is managed by the former manager of Y100. Y100Rocks will continue to run pretty much the same as it has since it started, but XPN will air Y100Rocks-based shows three nights a week, which means that they will have more alternative content available to them.

So, that is pretty good news for the Alternative-starved Philadelphians. I’m looking forward to tuning in on line and when I’m out there again.

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