I Won Something!

Stage Hymns had a contest last week where he was asking for suggestions about what cover song Tapes ‘n Tapes should cover– if they took suggestions for covers. Yours truly won by suggesting that they should cover the seminal Television song “Marquee Moon.” Per Joe, the keeper of Stage Hymns, “‘Marquee Moon’… is an amazing song, and an obvious precursor to much of the music that influenced Tapes ‘N Tapes.” The prize is an autographed 7″ single of “Insistor”/”Crazy Eights” that Joe got at the show he just attended. Joe says that he’ll be posting some versions of “Marquee Moon” in the near future.
So, big up to Joe and his nifty music blog… I’ll be adding it to my blog roll.

Now, if only Tapes ‘n Tapes would take the suggestion of that cover song…

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