Where’s my Fender Frontline Catalog???

I’ve been collecting the catalog for Fender’s line of guitars and amps for a couple of years now. They are a slick full-color affair and are to date the only way to keep up with the frequent changes to the Fender line and I find them essential when doing research on the products. Since January I’ve been visiting my local guitar stores that carry Fender and asking when the 2007 Frontline catalog is supposed to come out. No one knew! First it was supposed to come out after the February NAMM show, and then people weren’t sure.

I contacted Fender about this and found out that the catalog you could pick up in-store will now be replaced with a mailed catalog to be called “Frontline In Home” and the first one will be mailed in May. There will be an illustrated price list called “Frontline In Store” for the dealers. There will also be some “Frontline” branded online things to come at fender.com that sound really interesting if they accomplish.

To make sure that you get your catalog, click here and fill out your information.

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