Upcoming Show: Euforquestra at KCCK Jazz Under The Stars 8/16

Sorry about the late notice on this one. Iowa City Jamband/Worldbeat ensemble Euforquestra will be playing the KCCK “Jazz Under The Stars” this Thursday night at Noelridge Park on the Northeast side of Cedar Rapids. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this free show put on by the Kirkwood College Jazz station.

If you haven’t seen Euforquestra play, this as good an opportunity as you’ll get. However, the forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms. The forcast calls for partly cloudy with a high of 81 degrees. The rain date for this show would be August 30th.

Camp Euforquestra will be among the Cedar Rapidians again on Sunday, October 7th at Mahonies by Coe College.

Listen to Euforquestra:

Euforquestra on MySpace Check the great cover of “Slippery People” by the Talking Heads

Euforquestra on Archive.org – Stripmines Festival from 10/7/06

Download Euforquestra performing “Life During Wartime” from Stripmines Festival

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