Thrill 200 7″ Box Set Details

No sooner did I get the post together about the Thrill Jockey 7″ Boxset and Pitchfork gets the scoop on the set details. They also have a sample of the Sea and Cake cover of Califone.

Contrary to what the TJ site says currently, there will be 18 songs and 9 records. It will be released on December 4th in the U.S. (3rd in the UK).

Other news from Pitchfork is that there will be a US show similar to the UK anniversary event in Chicago “sometime in December.” Hopefully this means that they will have the Girl Talk/Trey Told ‘Em remix CD at that show!

Box set (covered artist in parentheses) From Pitchfork:

Adult.: “Underwater Wave Game” (Pit er Pat)
Arbouretum [ft. Beach House’s Victoria Legrand]: “Bus Stop” (Thalia Zedek)
David Byrne: “Ex-Guru” (The Fiery Furnaces)
Califone: “Jewel” (Freakwater)
Bobby Conn: “Washed in the Blood” (Freakwater)
Angela Desveaux: “Two Moons” (Arbouretum)
Eleventh Dream Day: “I Like the Name Alice” (Sue Garner)
Freakwater: “Passengers” (The Zincs)
Sue Garner & Rick Brown: “UMO” (OOIOO)
Howe Gelb: “Boxers” (John Parish)
John Parish: “Vampiring Again” (Califone)
Pit er Pat : “Flew Out My Window” (The Lonesome Organist)
Archer Prewitt: “Mrs. Turner” (The National Trust)
Pullman: “3 a.m.” (The Chicago Underground Quartet)
The Sea and Cake: “Spider’s House” (Califone)
Tortoise: “Fallslake” (Nobukazu Takemura)
Thalia Zedek: “Flat Hand” (Freakwater)
The Zincs: “Blue Marble Girl” (Giant Sand)

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