On Pawn Shop Rock

I went to a hockey game on Tuesday night with some people from work. We saw the Cedar Rapids Roughriders vs. the Indiana Ice. We had center ice seats against the glass. This was my third time to a hockey game– the second time to a Roughriders game. This was much more fun having a close up view to the game. It adds a lot to the game fearing that you’ll spill your beer at any moment! It was cool, the Roughriders were victorious.

The music that was being played over the action was lots of classic rock and 80’s hairmetal. It was typical arena rock– I guess that makes sense. I’ve determined that hockey arenas are where rock songs go to die. My friend Andrew said that this is the kind of music you hear in pawn shops. Here are some of the songs we heard: (Make your own mixtape!)

“Rock and Roll pt 1” – Gary Glitter This was a funny one because it was played when the Roughriders would score. All of the fans would shout “HEY! YOU SUCK!” for the opposing team at the appropriate spot.

“Rock and Roll” – Led Zeppelin

“Immigrant Song” – Led Zeppelin This was only the intro part which is the interesting part, I guess.

“Round and Round” – Ratt This one brings back memories of concerts at Five Flags in Dubuque.

“Detroit Rock City” – Kiss

“Shook Me All Night Long” – AC/DC Of course

“I Love Rock and Roll” – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts One of my first concerts was Joan Jett.

“Welcome to the Jungle” – Guns ‘n’ Roses Only the beginning part

“Kickstart My Heart” – Motley Crue

“Dr. Feelgood” – Motley Crue

“We’re Not Gonna Take It” – Twisted Sister What’s that on your uniform? A PLEDGE PIN?!?!

“Crazy Train” – Ozzy Osbourne “Ay Ay Ay!”

“What I Like About You” – The Romantics

“Cotton Eyed Joe” – Rednex

“We Will Rock You” – Queen

“Come Out And Play (Keep ’em Separated) – The Offspring

“Daft Punk is Playing At My House” – LCD Soundsystem

The last song is a bit of a puzzler. This song came out in 2005, so it is newer than the rest of the songs by over five years. A lady in her late 40’s who was part of our group commented on how great the music that was being played was and that it seemed to be targeted at her age group. Tapping her foot, she said that this was a song she liked. I asked her if she knew it, and she said she did. Doubtful, I asked, “you’ve heard LCD Soundsystem?” She said, “I recognize the beat.” I guess LCD Soundsystem is moving into the hollowed halls of classic rock. At least we should expect that soon we will be seeing LCD Soundsystem in the used bin next to Out of the Cellar by Ratt.

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