DJ Shadow Bio

In 2001 when I was helping DJ Shadow bring his website on line he asked me to write a bio to include on the site. I was pretty excited for the opportunity and a bit nervous. Although I had been writing for my website rather prolifically, I hadn’t tried to write a concise piece– FAQs and “posts” only. So, I spent about a week on it. Josh had a couple of revisions he wanted. In my original version, I implied that the label was at fault for the failure of Psyence Fiction from becoming a huge hit. Reasonably, he toned that down. He liked the final product, and it was the bio on the website for over a year before the site was reconstructed. It was the bio on the Quannum Records site without the last paragraph until the last revision of that site. Since neither site is using it, I decided to post it here for posterity.

Read “A Lifetime of Vinyl Culture” here.

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