K-Tel Fan Site Shut Down

I found out by accident that the painstakingly maintained K-Tel fan website ktelclassics.com has been taken down by long time maintainer Lisa Wheeler. Lisa maintained the site for over four years with implicit support from K-Tel and was regarded as the foremost authority on things K-Tel. You may have caught my recent article about the K-Tel tapes I owned that linked to her site. I was talking to someone today at work who shares my love of The Rock Album, and I showed him my article on it and noticed that the links to her site didn’t work.

According to lone page on the site, K-Tel served her with a licensing contract for her to maintain a site that she had previously been doing out of passion. It looks like they would have let her run the site under their terms. The licensing agreement would have turned the domain over to them as well. I fully support the decision that she made. I understand from this blog that she will be selling off her massive K-Tel collection, too.

From one music site maintainer to another one– Lisa, I hope that you can direct your energies and love for music to another venture. It is the ephemeral topics like your site that keeps the Internet vital, in my opinion.

One thought on “K-Tel Fan Site Shut Down

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, what are you going to do? I don’t pretend to understand how all of this happened. I’ve had time to get angry, mad and upset, and now I just need to focus my energy on something else.

    Thanks again,


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