Jack Logan Live at the 40 Watt mp3 Downloads

I don’t know how I missed this, but thanks to a comment on Jack Logan’s MySpace page which I monitor frequently to download free mp3s of his demos, I searched for an online show from the 40 Watt that someone said that they had listened to. I’m assuming they found the mp3′ at the Southern Shelter blog of Jack’s small set he played at the 40 Watt in June as part of a 20-year anniversary celebration of the ownership by Barrie Buck of the legendary club. This was a set of older songs concentrating on the amazing and out-of-print Bulk. Southern Shelter is dedicated to providing mp3’s of shows that happen in Athens, GA. Dig through his back postings for great shows of acts big and small! These are tasty 320Kbps rips!

For those of you not familiar with Jack, he’s been around a while releasing his unique take on Americana/Rock/Folk/Country. People think that Ryan Adams is prolific, but I think that Jack might have him beat. I guess Jack is recording songs all the time. Since December of last year when I found out that he had songs you could download off MySpace, I’ve been checking back every week to see if new songs are posted. Since then I’ve grabbed 95 songs! These vary in quality and seriousness, but I think it is great that he’s doing this.

Jack Logan Live @ The 40 Watt 6/11/07

15 Years in Indiana (a personal favorite)

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