Free Download: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Daytrotter

Grace in Space

Grace in Space

This session at Daytrotter had been scheduled for a long time– at least dating back to February that I can remember but weather and sickness seemed to delay it. Finally, in November they made the stop since they were in town again playing the Redstone room with Backyard Tire Fire in support. I had planned to see the show but some work stuff came up and I had to back out. At this point I probably won’t get a chance to see Grace and Co. again until the Spring after they have finished recording the follow up to the very successful This is Somewhere.

Since Somewhere’s 2007 release the band seems to have toured everywhere both as headliner and as supporting act– frequently with Gov’t Mule it seems who has taken Grace in as a little sister.

So, it seems that Daytrotter have captured the band at a time when they have had enough touring to bring an off-the-cuff recording the spark of why they are so popular live. It will be interesting to see what 2009 brings for the band.

The session has three songs (with file names that would imply they recorded two more…). Daytrotter says that all three are “unreleased” but the raucus show stopper “Paris” aka “If I Was from Paris” was actually recorded for Somewhere and has been available via iTunes as a bonus track. Also recorded was a somewhat atypically dark song in the Stones classic “Paint it Black” and a lengthy jam of what I assume is a new song “Watching You.”

Click Here for Grace Potter and the Nocturnal’s website

Click Here for the Grace Potter and the Nocturnal’s Daytrotter session where you can read an article about the band and session as well as stream or download the three tracks.

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