Free Buck 65 EP

Following a Hype Machine Link of blogs referring to the band Tortoise from Largeheartedboy I found a post from a music blog called Nialler9 about the free Buck 65 EP that he has at his website. (How is that for citing my sources??). The EP was posted to his site October of last year and is called Dirty Work.

I heard about Buck 65 in 2005 due to the fact that members of Tortoise played on his brilliant Secret House Against the World album. Unfortunately, this album was never released in the US, so I had to get it through Amazon.

I guess technically Buck 65 is a hip hop MC of sorts, but he really sounds more like a bluesy folk guy reminding me a lot of 16 Horsepower with the banjos and acoustic guitars. At times he reminds me of Johnny Cash.

Buck 65 will have a new album out in September called Situation.

Listen to “Indestructable Sam” from Dirty Work.

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