Fender Frontline Finally “In Home”!

At long last I received my Frontline In Home yesterday. I’d assume most of you who signed up have also received yours. It is received with mixed feelings, however. I’m a bit disappointed with how small it is– it’s about 5 1/2 x 8 1/2″ and around 35 pages. The old Frontline was magazine sized and much thicker. I liked to have the big catalog as a reference of the current line. This version of Frontline is really more of a way for Fender to send out updates on new gear and interesting stuff with the idea that the reader would visit fender.com or their dealer to get details on the gear included or to get information about other products not included.

Included in this issue is a tear-out card that will give the holder a free T-Shirt after they get it signed by their local Fender dealer after they test drive gear. Not a bad deal. I can always use more Fender-wear. I’ll likely go get that signed this weekend.

Other interesting content includes a bit on the Andy Summer Tribute Tele (apparently this went to press too early to include the Joe Strummer Tribute), The new “Pro” series Strats and Teles which have the “most requested modifications offered by the Custom Shop,” the Limited Edition ’57 Stratocaster which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the ’57, the Vintage Hot Rod Series which brings back a Telecaster with a humbucker in the neck postition in the Fender line, a couple of entries in the Squier line including an SSH Tele (when is a Tele not a Tele?) and another with a humbucker in the neck position . We are also introduced to the unexpected (at least by me) Squier Drum line.

I hope that we see more mailings from Fender and other giveaways would be cool, too.

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