The Pines on Live from Studio One

One of those happy accidents happened tonight. I happened to be listening to KUNI on my way home from work and they announced that The Pines were going to be live on Studio One at 7PM. This was pretty good news because it would give me a chance to record it. The Pines are Benson Ramsey and David Huckfelt. They are living in Minneapolis today, but are both from Iowa. Benson Ramsey is the son of Bo Ramsey— who is pretty well known in Eastern Iowa as well as a noted producer for artists like Lucinda Williams and Greg Brown.

So, I recorded it to cassette on the compact stereo up in our bedroom (I need to get a receiver down by my workstation) and listened to it. They seemed humble and appreciating. They did an acoustic guitar duo set. They did a couple of Pines songs, a couple songs from Benson’s upcoming solo album The Light Under the Door which is supposed to be out this spring, and some other folk covers. They sound a lot like Bob Dylan’s acoustic guitar period. Observational stories. Really good stuff for a couple of young guys. I guess they met each other in Tulsa.

I bought the Pines first album last year and really enjoyed it. I haven’t seen them live yet, but I really am hoping to sometime. This spring we will have the solo Benson Ramsey album, as well as a Pines 7-song Folk EP.

So right now, I’m ripping the tape to .wav and will probably burn CD’s for everybody I know who likes the Pines. I wonder if I should torrent this?

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