The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season 3 Released– $1.99 Download!!

In between his non-stop touring and working on his own albums, Lyrics Born seems to work in guesting on other artists’ albums (Tommy Guerro, Galactic, RL Burnside) as well as contributing a track to other projects (NBA2K6). Frankly, I’m not sure how he fits it all in!

If you’re a completist, you went out and bought all of the releases, however, since 2005 LB has been releasing the audio equivalent of a Holiday Newsletter your Aunt sends out recapping the great things your cousin did that year. The Lyrics Born Variety Show releases are a non-stop mix of rare mixes, collaborations, contributions and songs that are exclusive to the release.

The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season 3 will be released on CD soon, but in the excitement surrounding the impending release of Everywhere at Once on April 22nd LB pushed the digital download of Season 3 early to help build the excitement– there are four songs on this mix from the new album!

Not only are we blessed with the early release– for a limited time you can download the release for $1.99!! Once the physical release drops, the download price will become $9.99, so take advantage of this price!

By the way— Track 9 is my favorite Mash Up of all time by Party Ben called “Callin Out on Sunday.”


01. Intro
02. Do It Up, Do It Big – Lyrics Born ft. Joyo Velarde & Jake One (Exclusive)
03. Stax On The Table (LB What It Look Like?)* – Macka Dang Dang ft. Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) (Exclusive)
04. Let Me In, Let Me Out (Count Remix) – Tommy Guerrero ft. Lyrics Born (Everywhere At Once Bonus Track)
05. What U Need – Galactic ft. Lyrics Born
06. Meow Mix – (Exclusive)
07. I Like It, I Love It (Everywhere At Once Track)
08. Cake Walk (Remix) – Lyrics Born ft. The Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) & Mike Meezy (Exclusive) (Everywhere At Once Track)
09. ?????? (Mash Up) – U2 vs. Lyrics Born
10. Badder Than Bad – Lateef ft. Lyrics Born (Exclusive)
11. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – Lyrics Born ft. Lateef & Big Cee (Exclusive)
12. Have Mercy (Remix) – RJD2 ft. Lyrics Born & Pigeon John
13. Hott 2 Deff – Lyrics Born ft. Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) & Joyo Velarde (Everywhere At Once Track)
14. Rewards And Consequences – (Exclusive)
15. It Go – (Exclusive)
16. This Is What We Fought For?* – (Exclusive)
17. I’m Just Raw (Re-Opened And Remixed) – Lyrics Born ft. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Pigeon John and Herb Alexander (Primus)
18. Shake It Off (HypoKriticaL Remix)

*Exclusive Lyrics Born Variety Show In-Studio Recording / Previously Unreleased

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