Recording Sound Levels Typically Artificially Enhanced for Loudness

From Slashdot— an article from the UK Times Online about how recordings are typically compressed with Peak Limiting in the interest of making the songs have more impact in comparison to other “competing” songs.

I had heard about this before, but it wasn’t until I was listening to Rob Galgano’s radio show All Over The Place that I had paid attention to it. He was playing a track off of Pleased to Meet Me by the Replacements– their 1987 album. He said that he needed to adjust the signal level of the broadcast because it was so much quieter than the other songs he was playing off of newer releases.

They state in the article that Peak Limiting was used in the past to prevent needle jump on vinyl records due to loud sound. Does this mean that the LP releases might not have this effect? I know that when I was talking to Tim Green from the Fucking Champs at the Picador show, he said that the mastering on the vinyl version of their new album was better than the CD version.

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