Mitch Easter Releases First New Album in 18 Years

This week marks the release of Dynamico, Mitch Easter’s first solo album and first album release since the last Let’s Active record on the now defunct I.R.S. Records in 1988. Well, unless you count the re-release of Cypress and Afoot as one CD in 1989. Mitch has been filling the last years doing the occasional tribute album and mostly producing and filling in guitar duties in his wife’s band Shalini.

This release is exciting to me as I’ve been a fan of Mitch’s work in Let’s Active as well as the albums he produced for R.E.M. and Game Theory with Don Dixon at the legendary Drive-In Studio which he owns. These bands mark the beginnings of my interest in “alternative” or college rock and pretty much shapes my aesthetic for rock music today.

Dynamico’s home is the up-and-coming 125 Records which is also the new home of other related releases by Scott Miller’s Loud Family, and Don Dixon. I’m happy to see that this little label is catering to this segment of pop. Mitch is kicking off a tour along with his wife’s band starting this month. Right now there are only a few dates. I hope these will fill in. In an interesting move, Mitch is taking requests for Let’s Active songs to be played at the show. So, the first half of the show will be from the Let’s Active catalog and the rest of the set will be from the new album.

The album is available exclusively from 125 Records until March when it will be available from finer retailers near you and regular online places.

Check out two tracks from Dynamico:

Sudden Crown Drop
Time Warping

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