Jeff Parker Side Project A Cushicle Introducing The Freakadelic Sessions Released on Ropeadope Digital

Tortoise/Isotope 217/Chicago Underground/etc guitarist Jeff Parker announced this week from his MySpace page that the first of what is hopefully many releases from his improv jazz side project known as A Cushicle on Ropeadope Digital. Titled Introducing The Freakadelic Sessions, it is based on a live recording on 4/25/06 that is part of a recurring weekly series held on Tuesday nights with No Cover at the Asian Restaurant/Art Space Rodan

Jeff says

Ropeadope Digital has released the first in a series of sessions from the weekly gig I have had at Rodan for the past few years. The band is called A CUSHICLE. The release is called Introducing The Freakadelic Sessions. The musicians include: me (Jeff Parker) on guitar, Jason Ajemian on bass and Noritaka Tanaka on drums. We had a tremendous time playing together over the years and developed a truly unique way of improvising, and it is great to finally have something available for the world to hear.

The Freakadelic Sessions release is $7.99 for a 320Kbps mp3 download. CLICK HERE

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