Free Download: Kelly Pardekooper Celebrates Year 40 With 12 Months of mp3s

Kelly Pardekooper by Emily Denaro, 2008Former Iowa Citean Kelly Pardekooper is now going to be former Madison, Wisconsinite as he is leaving the region for the sunny hills of Hollywood, CA.

Ten years ago Kelly released his home-recorded debut album called 30 Weight. Now as he is looking at his 40th year he is generously digging into his crates of tapes to release a track-a-month of FREE mp3s on his MySpace page and his website the collection dubbed 40 Weight. Kelly started this in May with the first song “Hard Eyes” and last week posted the June track “City At Night.” “City at Night” was a track recorded in 1996 when Kelly briefly fronted a band called Dan’s Big Truck.

Hopefully in the face of the big city lights of L.A. Kelly will continue to purvey the distinctly Iowa-influenced country-fried rock he has delivered on his last four albums and in particular his latest release Brand New Bag.

The tracks will only exist on MySpace for one month, but he also has them hosted on his website. Collect them all!

Click Here for the May track “Hard Eyes”

Click Here for the June track “City at Night”

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