Don’t Sleep on This– Thrill Jockey Online Exclusives: Plum, Mega Massive Mix, and Prekop Book

As previously mentioned (here, here and here), Thrill Jockey has three items that any fan of the label needs in their collection– and they are mucho limited editions so you should jump on these while they are available. I checked, and as of today these are still available. I’m not going to tell you again!

Super Epic Thrill Jockey Mega Massive Mix by Trey Told ‘Em — This is a mega mix of almost all of the Thrill Jockey artists and is available to anyone who went to either of the 15th Anniversary shows in London on November 12th or coming up in Chicago on December 14th. However, they aren’t denying this to folks who can’t make it to either show so for a limited time you can order this directly from Thrill Jockey. Trey Told ‘Em is a project of Gregg Gillis aka blog-darlings Girl Talk and Frank Musarra from Hearts of Darkness. At $12 this is a deal! I’m sure it will be worth 5x that on eBay later. Available as a pre-order. Will ship after 12/18 following the Chicago show.

Plum 7 Inches Box Set — This is a set of ten 7″ singles of Thrill Jockey artists covering each other. These are 180mg records. Tortoise, Sea and Cake, Califone, Howe Gelb, Zincs, Pullman Pit Er Pat, David Byrne, Mouse on Mars, and the list goes on. Will not be available as a download or on CD. Available as a pre-order. Will ship after 12/4.

If you pre-order these together you get a $2 discount on the order. However, it will hold the shipment until 12/18 when the Mega Mix is released.

“Photographs” book by Sam Prekop – As mentioned earlier, this is a book of black and white photographs by Sam Prekop that he has had in exhibits. Nice hardback book published by Presspop Gallery and is available from Thrill Jockey mailorder. This book comes with a CD of instrumentals by Prekop that are inspired by the pictures. I ordered this one separate from the Box set and megamix last week so I have it. The CD is relatively short (20 minutes) and is comprised of mellow electronic music. Good stuff.

BTW: I am going to the Chicago Anniversary show. Apparently in addition to the surprise guests, there will be some “Rare Merchandise” available. I can see this is going to be an expensive trip! Maybe I can get TNT on vinyl for less than 50 freakin’ dollars!

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