B-Sides in the Bins – #3 eBay Edition

Here are some things that have come in recently from eBay.

The first auction I won was a bargain! I got It’s All Around You and Standards from Tortoise on vinyl and the debut release from Brokeback which was a 7″ called “Brokeback Returns to the Orange Grove”— all in unplayed condition for $16.00 with shipping! I’m going to start trying to get the Tortoise catalog on vinyl.

The next auction was for a new Calexico and Beirut split single on the UK label City Slang as part of their very limited “Mini Slang” singles collection. Side A is a cover of the Clash song “The Guns of Brixton” by Calexico that sounds like the same version that was recently released as an iTunes-only EP. Calexico added this cover to their recent tour– typically as a segue from “Crystal Frontier.” Side AA is “Interior of a Dutch House” by Beirut. According to the label it is from the album Pompeii which must be the name of his next album although I can’t find any other reference to it. This track used to be available for download from the Beirut website and has since been taken down. I got this for the Buy It Now price of US$7.83 with shipping. There are still copies of this available on eBay– get them while they are still available.

The third auction was for a CD of the Black Sessions that Tortoise did in 1998 during the TNT tour. The Black Sessions are like a French version of the Peel Sessions on BBC. The band comes in and records a show specifically for broadcast. There is a bunch of controversy about these releases done by Sangatte Records and whether they are a bootleg or an official release. The catalog number is SANG 021 CD, but I found a Moloko Black Sessions with exactly the same catalog number and with a 2006 release. So, who knows? I paid $27.00 with shipping.

The last auction was for a tour-only Calexico CD called Scraping which was made for their 2002 tour. Scraping is made up of live tracks mostly from their January 2002 show in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall and one song from the Roskilde Festival in 2000 and two tracks from the Temple of Music and Arts in 2001. I paid $12.90 with shipping for it. Since this release is still available from the official Calexico site, my goal here was to pay less than the $16.00. I also bid on a copy of the Aerocalexico tour-only release, but lost it– this is the last one I need to get to have a full collection of these great tour-only releases. I think it’s great that Calexico caters to their fans with these releases.

Calexico - Live Session - EP Click Here to get the great Calexico iTunes EP (for US iTunes Customers).

Calexico - Live Session - EP Click here to get the Calexico EP if you are in the EU.

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